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Dear friend!
I welcome you to my home!

My name is Kamilla, better known by the nickname Goldwasser, I am a digital artist and this site is dedicated to my creativity. All products here are created by me and are digitally painted artworks. I have been painting in Photoshop with a graphics tablet since 2017 and with every art I am learning something new and constantly improving my drawing skill.
Each my product is a little fairy tale, a story rooted in ancient civilizations, myths and legends. Here I try to balance on the verge between beauty and fear, tenderness and pain, mix the smell of wildflowers with drops of blood, the unknown night full of dangers with the lulling sound of rain. One of the most important factors for me is that creativity carries a semantic load. That is why I love to add talismans, amulets, magic rings, totems and runes to my art. I am drawn to fantasy and magic. Everything is possible in our imagination, it paints amazing pictures every time we close our eyes or just dream. This is how I shape them.


All I do is from the heart. 
These are my impressions and experiences, rethinking of fairy tales and myths, inspiration from nature, people, music, smells, touches.

On this site, I share my work with designers, taggers, and all people who share a common desire to create. After all, creativity helps people get through difficult times in life and find like-minded people. I want to create a place where people with similar interests understand and support each other.

The main section of the site contains my tubes for personal use, tubes for resale, elements for your kits and dates for your social media pages, as well as free gifts.


On the blog, I publish all the news about my work and develop a policy to reward loyal customers by regularly organizing promotions with free gifts and discount coupons. I also offer mutual PR to stores that create matching kits for my tubes. I created a group on the Facebook social network, where every buyer of my art can share their work with other users and get feedback. You can find information about all this in the Blog and FAQ.


I invite you to open the door to the world of digital art -

a flight of fantasies and ideas!


All items in the store are unique and sold on If you find that products are being offered for sale or free to use anywhere else, please contact me with a copyright infringement.

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