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Privacy Policy of explains in simple terms how we collect personal information from our customers. You become a customer of our site, when you had finished the registration. After that we can collect some general information: first name, last name, email address, IP address, country and other contact data. We use all information just for statistical data, more personalized appeal to our customers and providing support for any questions or problems, which they have on
We haven’t your complete payment information. When you make a purchase, you are automatically redirected to the PayPal website. Your payment data is secure. So be sure you are redirect to Paypal, we do not receive any payments directly on the
We use cookies. This is necessary for more correct operation of our site and for your comfort. We try our best to make you feel free on If you no longer want to be a member of the site, write to us and we will delete your account and all personal data that you have provided to us.
If you have any questions, you can use the "Contact Me" form and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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