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FB group, matching kits, my blinkies, logo and ect.

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hello, friends!

Today I will tell you about my Facebook group, share with you my blinkies for your blogs/websites, various versions of my logo for your tags or matching kit covers, and also explain what you need to do if you want to create matching kits for my tubes and get mutual PR.


As I already wrote in the article ABOUT myself, I want to create a place where people with similar interests can freely communicate, support each other and share their creativity with like-minded people. Join the GOLDWASSER.ART group and take an active part in its life! There you will be the first to know about all the updates and promotions of the site, find matching kits for your tags (or advertise your matching kits and resell of my R4R), you can share your tags with a large audience, and of course leave your feedback under the work of another person. The more reviews, comments and just communication, the more fun! Of course, I personally watch and comment on all your work. I also run various interactive events, games and promotions in which you can tell about yourself, show your work and get discount coupons for it. Sounds great, right?


Without straying far from the topic of social networks, I share with you a link to

my art instagram, where I publish my arts based on tubes. You can ask me to make a Timeline for you from any art.


I also know that there are people among you who also have their own blogs and websites, so I have added blinkies that you can use on your platforms.

If you want to support me or just add a beautiful button to the product (for example, if you make matching kits for my tubes), select the button you like and download it from the site files. The archive contains four folders with beautiful blinkies of different sizes 150x50, 150x63, 150x150, 150x300. You can choose between text blinkies or pics blinkies, in dark or light colors, whichever suits your blog the best.

Goldwasser blinkies
Download ZIP • 3.96MB


For my Creative Team and Kit Makers, I have added various versions of my logo in high resolution on a transparent background, which will always be available for download here. Round, square or just a symbol - take any option for your original design!

Goldwasser Logo
Download ZIP • 683KB


If you are a kit maker and want to create kits for my tubes, please use the "Contact me" form to send me a link to your store page with a kit for my tube.

You can create a matching kit for any of my tubes - it is important that the colors, details and names of the kits should be in harmony with the tube! I will add a preview of your kit and a link to your store on my tube page. You have to add the tube preview and tube link from my site to your store. Thus, we will do good PR to each other.

I will be glad to see your tags and your kits with my tubes.

So don't hesitate and share them in the FB group!


Kamilla Goldwasser

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Apr 11, 2021

love the new site! wishing you continued success and looking forward to more of your art




So happy to see you open your own store - looks wonderful!!




Apr 09, 2021

Thank you, Kamilla - the new site looks so good! Thank you for Candice as well, she is beautiful as always.

Wishing you continued success, inspiration and happiness in your artwork and thank you for making it available for us all ❤️

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