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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Dear friends!

I invite you to take a tour of the site!

We will go through the main sections, look at the product page and find out where to find the TOU, your license number and other "mythical" things!


The top bar is the heart and guide of the entire site. From here you can get to the sections of the site with all the products, your own profile and the shopping cart.

  • Search... will help you find the product you need by its name.

  • Home always takes you back to the home page.

  • PU Tubes lead to the Tubes section for personal use.

  • R4R leads to the Resale for Resale section with tubes, which will be issued in a limited edition and are intended for commercial purposes such as reselling it on other resources with the preservation of copyright.

  • On hover, the CU/PU shows two subsections with CU/PU tubes and CU/PU elements that you can use for personal use, as well as include in your kits.

  • AI kits is a section contains kits and matching kits for my tubes. All products in this section are created using AI and are protected by a license. AI products are only in this section and do not affect other sections of the site containing products drawn by me in Photoshop. For personal use only.

  • Free Gift - this is a section with free tubes that I prepare for the holidays or special promotions. Such gifts can be standard, available to all registered users, and exclusive, which can only be obtained by fulfilling the requirements of a certain promotion.

  • Notification icon shows new blog posts or comments on posts you have replied to.

  • My Profile contains personal information about your account (your name, email), about purchased products and settings where you can manage notifications from the blog.

  • Cart icon shows the number of items you have chosen to purchase.


Our digital art journey begins with a banner that greets you and invites you to scroll down to see my work. The picture changes from time to time, coinciding with the change of seasons, holidays and informing about new promotions that you definitely do not want to miss!

Scrolling down the page, first you will find yourself on the scroll bar with the LATEST NEWS of the site from all sections "NEW".

Further, in the same sequence as on the TOP menu of the site, there are mini versions of all sections and the latest products in them. By clicking on the name of the section (PU tubes, R4R, ect.), you will go to the section page, and by clicking on a product, you will be taken to the page of this product, respectively. You can also use the Quick View (when you hover the cursor over the product) without going to the product page, and add it to your cart without leaving the main page.


At the bottom of the site are sections that are not used as often, but which are no less important than others.

  • Home always takes you back to the home page.

  • About. Here is your acquaintance with me. A short article about my life, work, inspiration and goals.

  • Blog. From here you can go to the Blog page, where all the articles of the site are located, including this one.

  • FAQ. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions (how to get a license number, where to get blinks, etc.).

  • Terms of use. What you can and cannot do with certain categories of products on this site. Also, a short summary of these rules (TOU) is duplicated on the page of each product so that you do not have to go to this section all the time.

  • Privacy Policy. Information about the data that we use to ensure the correct operation of our website and make your stay on it more comfortable.

  • Contact me. In this form you can ask any questions or share your problem regarding the work of and I will try to help you in the near time.

  • The little social media icons next to the copyright lead to my personal Facebook page and my art Instagram.

  • Also in the lower right corner of the site there is the UP button, which will always return you to the top of the site. And also the QUICK CHAT button, which is analogous to the "Contact Me" form and here you can also ask me your questions and I will try to answer you in the near time.



The following sections operate on the site: Home, PU Tubes, R4R, CU/PU, AI Kits, Free Gift. Inside, they look the same and differ only in the rules for using the goods in them.

Let's consider the sections of the site using the example of the PU Tubes section.

Immediately under the name of the section there are products, by clicking on which you can go to the product page.

  • Products can be sorted by newness, name and price using "Sort by" the left above the products.

  • And you can also choose to display a collection of certain themes in the "Collections" to the left of the goods. For example, show only Halloween theme or New Year tubes, etc.

(Sorting and Collection options are not available in every section)

The Products Page shows 6 - 9 products, but in fact there are many more. To flip through the catalog of goods further, simply click on the "Load More" button at the bottom of the page.



The product page contains all information about this product: Name, Price, Previews, Description, License form for you, short Terms to Use this particular product, Related Products and Matching kits from other creator's, if any.

Visually, the product page is intuitive and very simple.

Below the preview of the tube is its description. To the right of the preview, under the "Add to Card" and "Buy Now" button, there are two information blocks for you: the brief of the Terms of Use (read more about the TOU you can in the section), and the form of copyrights for your tags (read more about in the FAQ). All prices are in USD.

In the section of PU tubes on one page of the product there are two versions of it - the multilayered recolourable PSD file with a detailed description right under the preview, and below, highlighted with a red stripe, the PNG version of this tube with its description. They differ not only in format, but also in size and price. Carefully read the description of each of them and choose the one that suits you best.

Below is a block with Related Products that showcase other products from this section on similar topics.

The last block is a block with Matching Kits that were created by creators from other stores especially for my tubes.



The product page contains all information about this product: Name, Price, Previews, Description, Terms to Use and Matching Tubes for it.

The products on this page are created using AI and are protected by a license.

Below the preview of the tube is its description.

To the right of the preview, under the "Add to Card" and "Buy Now" button, there is an information block for you - a brief of the Terms of Use (read more about the TOU in the section).

All prices are in USD.

Below is a block with Matching Tubes contains non-AI PU tubes and non-AI CU/PU tubes that go well with this kit and match it in theme and color scheme. All tubes are drawn by me and can be purchased on this website.


So our review of the site has come to an end. We looked at the home page, main sections, product page and buttons on the site. I hope that now you will not get lost and will feel even more comfortable visiting me!


Kamilla Goldwasser

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Lea rose
Lea rose
Dec 31, 2022

j'adore les tubes proposés

Kamilla Goldwasser
Kamilla Goldwasser
Jan 03, 2023
Replying to

Merci 💖

Bonne année!

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