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Treats or lots of treats?

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Dear friend!

I have a whole basket of treats for you!

Look into it and choose a candy to your liking, there are four types of them, namely 4 different discount coupons! You can collect any basket of goods that is convenient for you and apply the coupon you need.

  • If you have collected a basket of more than $5, but less than $7, then you can use the coupon HALLOWEENTREAT1, which gives a discount of $1;

  • If the cart is more than $7, apply the coupon HALLOWEENTREAT2 (for $2);

  • if the cart is more than $10, then the coupon HALLOWEENTREAT3 should be applied (for $3);

  • Carts over $13 get an unbeatable $4 discount with coupon HALLOWEENTREAT4.

Copy the code you need, and use it when purchasing on the site:





Each coupon is valid only once. You cannot apply more than one coupon to one basket, so be careful and choose your sweets wisely.

Special sweet tooths can use all 4 coupons on four corresponding baskets.

This is the first time an event of this scale has been held specifically in honor of Halloween, and probably the only one, so don’t miss this unique opportunity.

The promotion is valid until October 22 inclusive.

Happy Halloween!


Kamilla Goldwasser

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