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AI Kits section is open!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Dear friends,

the site has a new section with kits!

This section will contain kits and matching kits for my tubes.

AI products will be ONLY IN THIS SECTION and will not affect other sections of the site contain products drawn by me in Photoshop.

All products in AI kits section are generated by Artificial Intelligence according to my design and request, processed, colored by me. The direct owner of the image rights is Midjourney, I am the owner of the product. I have a paid subscription to Midjourney which entitles me to commercial and any other use of the images. Thus, you can legally and safely use the products witin the scope of the license I grant.

There are two types of licenses available for AI products:

for personal use and CU/PU (can be use as CU elements in PU scrapkits).

The section with AI products is working in test mode, which means I reserve the right to add new licenses for it, change the price, or delete the section from my site.

The Terms of Use of AI kits have been added to the Terms of Use section.

Navigation for the AI Kits section has been added to the article on Site Navigation.

If you want to place copyrights for kits on your tags, you can do it like this:

AI kit by


Kamilla Goldwasser

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Il love them 😍


Lori Dumm
Lori Dumm
Feb 23, 2023

All Awesome


Simply Sedona
Simply Sedona
Feb 07, 2023

Love them ;-)

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